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4 different types of RC helicopters
Did you know that there are 4 main types of RC helicopters? And depending on what you need in an RC helicopter, the type of model that you should buy will vary. But what are these types of RC helicopters? The 4 main types are electric, co-axial, fuel, and multirotor RC helicopters. More on each specific type will be expanded on below. Each type of RC helicopter model will have different features and performances and will be suited for different types of people.


This is probably the most common of the 4 types of RC helicopters. These models are cheap, lightweight, widespread and easy to fly. Most of the time, you can buy them as toys from many stores. This is a good option for a first time RC helicopter flier. You will need to have batteries to use for certain electric models, or you could charge certain models that have rechargeable batteries. Most of the electric RC helicopters only have a flying time of several minutes because of limitations in battery technology.


These types of RC helicopters will have multiple blades rotating on the same axis. This means that they can remain small but still be more stable and agile. You can use these types of RC helicopter inside your home because they can perform some tight turns and manoeuvres. One downside to the multiple blades is the fact that, more blades means more controls. And more controls will make it harder for the first time RC helicopter owners to get the hang of the controls.


RC helicopters that use fuel, usually burn a nitro based fuel source. Since they use fuel, these types of RC helicopters are not meant for indoor use because they will release exhaust. But because they burn fuel, they are more powerful and are the best outdoor RC helicopter model that you can buy. These RC helicopter models are also a bit more costly than other types.


If you have seen a drone, then you know what a multi-rotor RC helicopter looks like. The stability, speed and power of these models have made them a popular choice in many applications, from aerial photography to military use.