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When it comes to the sport, you would immediately think of the physical education things that you learn at school. The question is can the CR helicopter be a sport too? You might immediately think no because there isn’t much work into it but you are clearly mistaken. There are a lot of movements when it comes to the RC helicopter, and you just need to see it clearly. If you truly love the RC helicopter, then you should understand the amount of work and knowledge and care that you give to your RC helicopter.

Of course, it can because there are people who enjoy playing with their RC helicopter. The thing about the RC helicopter is that it can be played as a game where in the helicopter can do nifty tricks and stunts because if you truly are a pro with handling with your RC helicopter, then you can do those things. Don’t just think that it is just about flying a helicopter around an area because it is more than that. It only comes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover just like the RC helicopter you shouldn’t judge it.

Another reason why it would be okay for the RC helicopter to be a sport is the level of technique and knowledge that you have over your RC helicopter.  If you care about your RC helicopter, then you would be able to fix it and repair it without the help of a professional because that is your RC helicopter and no one knows it better than you. After all, the main thing about the RC helicopter is your hand-eye coordination because you can’t always look at your remote control when you are playing with your RC helicopter nor the other way around.

The RC helicopter as a sport would also show the other RC helicopter fanatic the importance of taking care of your RC helicopter because you can’t do a sport if your RC helicopter isn’t in good condition. That is why if the RC helicopter becomes a sport it will teach the young generation to take care of it, and it will also increase the popularity of the RC helicopter community. With today’s technology and new games to play the RC helicopter would have a lot of competition that is why making it into a sport can be helpful to their existence.

With the RC helicopter being a sport the areas like the part will be crowded because they would need to have a spacious area to fly their RC helicopter so that no trees or walls will get in the way of your fun. So if the RC helicopter in your place isn’t a sport then you should because the fun and the other benefits that you will receive is just worth it, and all the effort and the passion that you have your RC helicopter would be worth it because you can show it off through the sport of the RC helicopter.

When it comes to the RC helicopter, there are five secrets that you need to know. These secrets would be there for you when you are having problems with your RC helicopter because it can’t be helped that if you are the only one passionate about it in your family, it would be hard to ask for help. That is why you should know the secrets so that you wouldn’t need to trouble your family when you have a problem or confusion about your RC helicopter. After all, you do enjoy playing it around it would only be right that you should know about its secret.

  1. There are shops that sell and fix the RC helicopter if ever there are parts that you want to change or if there is something wrong with your RC helicopter. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about wondering if such things exist because there are shops that sell and fixes any RC helicopter, so you don’t have to worry anymore.
  2. If you have already checked the electrical components of your RC helicopter and it still wouldn’t fly, then you should check if it has fuel because the RC helicopter does have a fuel tank where the fuel located. That is why you have to check if it is on a full tank or half a tank.
  3. You are planning to let your RC helicopter carry a poster or a banner you have to check if it wouldn’t be too heavy for it because it might be the reason why it wouldn’t fly. It can’t be helped that the RC helicopter’s propeller has a limit since it is already carrying the weight of the helicopter itself.
  4. Anyone can play the RC helicopter so that would mean that there isn’t a reason for you not to play with it. After all, with today’s modernity, it can’t be helped that even if a girl or a child wants to play with it, then they can if they wanted to. There is no limit to having fun when it comes to the RC helicopter.
  5. The RC helicopter isn’t your everyday helicopter because it has electrical components and gas tank that normal toy helicopter wouldn’t have. So you would say that you are flying a semi-real helicopter because the controller is also high-tech and the helicopter itself is also high-tech. There are even parts that you can change with the RC helicopter.

Now you know what the secrets are, this would help you especially if you are still new to the idea of the RC helicopter. It can’t be helped after all that there are some people who would think of it as just a toy, but they are wrong because you would need dedication and passion if you want your RC helicopter to be with you for a long time. That is why these secrets will be there to guide you and to help you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything to do with the RC helicopter.

4 different types of RC helicopters
Did you know that there are 4 main types of RC helicopters? And depending on what you need in an RC helicopter, the type of model that you should buy will vary. But what are these types of RC helicopters? The 4 main types are electric, co-axial, fuel, and multirotor RC helicopters. More on each specific type will be expanded on below. Each type of RC helicopter model will have different features and performances and will be suited for different types of people.


This is probably the most common of the 4 types of RC helicopters. These models are cheap, lightweight, widespread and easy to fly. Most of the time, you can buy them as toys from many stores. This is a good option for a first time RC helicopter flier. You will need to have batteries to use for certain electric models, or you could charge certain models that have rechargeable batteries. Most of the electric RC helicopters only have a flying time of several minutes because of limitations in battery technology.


These types of RC helicopters will have multiple blades rotating on the same axis. This means that they can remain small but still be more stable and agile. You can use these types of RC helicopter inside your home because they can perform some tight turns and manoeuvres. One downside to the multiple blades is the fact that, more blades means more controls. And more controls will make it harder for the first time RC helicopter owners to get the hang of the controls.


RC helicopters that use fuel, usually burn a nitro based fuel source. Since they use fuel, these types of RC helicopters are not meant for indoor use because they will release exhaust. But because they burn fuel, they are more powerful and are the best outdoor RC helicopter model that you can buy. These RC helicopter models are also a bit more costly than other types.


If you have seen a drone, then you know what a multi-rotor RC helicopter looks like. The stability, speed and power of these models have made them a popular choice in many applications, from aerial photography to military use.

5 factors to consider before buying your first RC helicopter


If you are just getting into the hobby of RC helicopter flying, you may not know which kind of RC helicopter model to buy. There are some different factors you should look into when you get your first RC helicopter; here are 5 factors to consider when you buy an RC helicopter.

Power Source

Do you want to get a larger gas-powered RC helicopter? Or does your budget only fit in a smaller electric-powered model? Depending on your needs and preferences, you should consider the type of power source an RC helicopter will have. Larger RC helicopters will often use gas as its source of power, and their engines will also produce smoke. Smaller-sized RC helicopters will have electric-powered engines. The best RC helicopters for 2017 will use gas as power sources.


The number of channels of an RC helicopter means the number of different movements that it can perform. Most people will be fine with 2 or 3 channel RC helicopters. But if you want to do stunts on your helicopters, or want more manoeuvrable models, then you will want to get either a 4 or 6 channel model. You should be aware of the fact that more channels mean that it will be harder to control. Beginners should stay away from RC helicopters with more channels because they will have a harder time learning to fly it.


Different models of RC helicopters will have different materials. The durability, price, weight, and appearance of an RC helicopter will change according to the materials it is constructed out of. Depending on your preferences, you will want an RC helicopter that is either made out of fibreglass, plastic or even metal.

 Radio frequency

Does the RC helicopter have a multi-frequency capability? If you fly an RC helicopter with only one frequency, be sure to avoid crowds of people. Another remote control signal could affect your helicopter, making you lose control of it.

Speed and range

How fast and far can an RC helicopter fly? Do you want it to be the fastest or longest ranging model? You should pick out an RC helicopter based on your personal preferences regarding these factors.

6 tips for RC helicopter beginners


Have you just gotten your first RC helicopter? Or are you looking to buy your first one? For beginners to flying RC helicopters, it can be daunting not to know what to do with your RC helicopter because there are just so many things to learn. If you want a smooth first time flying experience, you should follow these helpful tips for beginner RC helicopter flyers.

Tip 1: Do your research on RC helicopter models.

You should know all there is to know about RC helicopter models. You can look at online reviews, on the best outdoor RC helicopter models or the best RC helicopters to buy for a specific use. Do your research about RC helicopters before you buy one.

Tip 2: Buy a small, low-cost model as your first one.

Start small with your first purchase. You have got a higher chance of crashing your RC helicopter during your first flight, so your first RC helicopter should be a cheap easy to fly model.

Tip 3: Familiarise yourself with your remote control before buying.

Take a look at your RC helicopter remote control and memorise its configuration. You should do this before you even begin flying your RC helicopter model. If you do this before you take off, you will lower your chances of crashing your RC helicopter,

Tip 4: Always charge up your RC helicopter before flying.

You do not want your RC helicopter to crash because it ran out of juice. While most of the time, a warning indicator will tell you if you are running out of battery, you should still make sure that you have a full charge before flying your RC helicopter.

Tip 5: Be aware of the limitations of your RC helicopter.

Certain models of RC helicopters will have different limits, and you should know the limitations of your mode. You should know its range and amount of movements, to reduce the risk of accidents.

Tip 6: Regularly maintain your RC helicopter

An RC helicopter should be regularly maintained if you want it to perform well. You should check up on its body to see if it has any damage or any problem.

3 reasons why you should fly an RC helicopter

Flying RC helicopters is a hobby that is enjoyed by a lot of people around the world. Piloting your small helicopter is both fun and relaxing. All you need to do is buy your first RC helicopter and learn to fly it. Through your hobby of RC helicopters, you will also get to meet a lot of new people. You should try flying an RC helicopter of your own. Why? There are a lot of good reasons why you should take up the hobby of RC helicopter flying; here are a few of the fun things you can get from flying an RC helicopter.

1. Let’s you appreciate nature

You can appreciate the outdoors when you are flying an RC helicopter. If you use an RC helicopter meant for outdoor use, then you will have to be outside to fly it. You will be able to enjoy nature more as you appreciate the breath-taking sights that you will fly your RC helicopter across.

2. Child friendly

Flying an RC helicopter is a hobby for all ages. It is easily learnt, and even children can start flying an RC helicopter. There are also RC helicopter models that are appropriate for all ages. You could buy a beginner’s toy RC helicopter, or if you are older and can handle it, a full-sized large RC helicopter.

3. Very easy to fly

You do not need to know about fancy flying techniques, as long as you can hold the remote control, you can fly and RC helicopter. There are also different models of RC helicopter that you can fly, and they will range in difficulty. Beginners can start out with an RC helicopter that is very easy to fly.

Remember, buying an RC helicopter is an investment. You will have to put in quite a bit of money if you want to get a good model of an RC helicopter. That is why you should read reviews on the internet before you buy an RC helicopter. You can read RC helicopter reviews online to know which the best outdoor RC helicopter is and which models of RC helicopter to avoid.

Flying your RC helicopter indoors or outdoors

One common mistake that RC helicopters make is the fact that they mistakenly fly indoor use RC helicopter models outside, and fly their outdoor use RC helicopters inside buildings. This mistake could lead to your RC helicopter crashing, causing damage to it and other things. There are clear differences between RC helicopters that are meant for indoor and outdoor use. You should know the facts behind each type of RC helicopter to better determine which one is better suited for your needs in RC helicopter flying.

Indoor RC helicopters

You really should not be flying indoor use RC helicopters outside. Since these types of RC helicopters are so small and light, any gust of wind could blow them off course and send them crashing. And since they are so fragile, they will usually break they fall to the ground. You should stick to using the different types of toy and small-sized RC helicopters inside buildings, to reduce the risk of the crashing. RC helicopters that are meant for use are usually small in size, use electricity as a power source and will have a fewer amount of controls. People, who are just starting out with their hobby of RC helicopter flying, should get start out with an indoor use RC helicopter.

Outdoor RC helicopters

You will immediately know that an RC helicopter model is meant for outdoor use when you see its large size. Typically, any RC helicopter model that has a rotor diameter for 24 inches or larger is meant for outdoor use. These RC helicopters are more durable and larger, so they are better suited for outdoor use. You should be aware that these types of RC helicopters are harder to fly because they have more control options. And they will also cost more. If you are a serious enthusiast of RC helicopters, then you should get an RC helicopter model that is suited for the outdoors. Before, you go out and buy one for yourself, make sure to do your research about the best outdoor RC helicopter that you can buy, to ensure that you get the right model for yourself.